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PsychConnect is a division of FasPsych, LLC, a pioneer in the provision of a wide range of clinical mental health services including psychiatric care and counseling to a broad range of facilities and organizations. For over 13 years, FasPsych's mission has been to provide immediate, innovative staffing solutions to the ever-growing demand for behavioral health services and decreasing pool of qualified professionals. FasPsych provides quality psychiatric and mental health services via secure video teleconference (VTC) connections. We have partnered with hundreds of organizations to successfully implement these services across the country and have a deep roster of both medical and counseling professionals, who collectively participate in over 300,000 video sessions each year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for direct-to-consumer behavioral telehealth services, which is why FasPsych launched PsychConnect in the Summer of 2020. PsychConnect’s mission is to make sure everyone, wherever they may live or whatever their socioeconomic status, has access to quality, affordable mental health care. Building on the success and resources of FasPsych, PsychConnect looks forward to meeting patients where they are with our experienced, licensed psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and advanced practice nurse practitioners, who offer compassionate patient-centric care using a range of evidence-based treatments.

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